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is a small, independent production company based in London.

We do all our of own filming, editing, design, scripting, and so on...

STEVE HAISMAN began professional life as a teacher and community development worker with urban youth. Photography and video workshops were important elements. He then made use of his BA in literature to write copy, then began writing film scripts. This lead to developing music promos and eventually the award-winning feature 'Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus'. He then worked in film and photography, eventually teaming up with Clive to form Blue Canary Films in 2013.


CLIVE HOWARD graduated art school with a Fine Art degree in the 70s. He supported himself as a street artist throughout the remaining 70s. In the 80s he started a career as a special FX advisor, then a successful award winning production designer until the late 90s. He started working as an independent director, and in early 2013 he set up Blue Canary Films specifically to develop the film "Slava's Journey". 

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