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Our own journey with Slava began when he invited us to film a little festival in his home just outside Disneyland Paris.

What a mad, wonderful, inspiring home! It was immediately obvious that SNOWSHOW wasn't just a stage spectacle, but Slava's life. So, when he spoke about a dream he had cherished for a long time - to haul the fake snow of 'Snowshow' on a train all the way up to the real snow of Arctic Russia, and in the middle of winter - we knew immediately that we just had to be on that train.

We turned up at the station, with no funding, only run and gun equipment, just a friend as additional cameraman and a bucket full of optimism. This was also our first time in Russia, chasing after clowns across the frozen seas. 

We came back with a mountain of footage, and gradually a story began to emerge. It was not the story of a road trip we expected, but also the story of other, more personal stories: Slava going back to the origins of his curious art, and the long strange trip that Snow Show takes its audience on, back to the forgotten state of wonder of childhood that we all once knew.

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